is an evolving conversation and event series that highlights Alaskan musicians who are passionate about investing in their community in order to raise funds for causes that improve the quality of life for all Alaskans.

It hasn’t always been this way. Like many organizations with a philanthropic aim, our way of doing things has evolved over the years. Started in 2020 when musicians and communities alike were struggling due to the pandemic, we originated as a livestream concert/conversation series that brought together artists and causes they are passionate about as a way of uplifting their voices and giving back to the community.

That purpose has remained central to what we do, but we have changed in HOW we do it. We just wrapped up our third season, and incredibly excited about where we’re headed.

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Welcome to our current season! This year, we brought our podcast to the forefront and sat down with artists to hear their stories leading up to one big, live, concert in Juneau to fund-raise for Áak’w Rock Fest, the only Indigenous music festival in the country.

Amplify Alaska X Áak’w Rock Fundraising Festival

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On May 20th, Amplify Alaska went down to Juneau for an incredible night of dazzling mini-concerts by Juneau-based artists Taylor Vidic, Annie Bartholomew, and Qacung Blanchett, as well as Witty Youngman and Finesstor, musicans from Anchorage who came down for the event.

All these artists came together to raise funds for Áak’w Rock fest, the United States’ only Indigenous music festival. We raised over $5,000! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

Listen to this season’s podcasts:

Taylor Vidic

Chatting with Yngvil in The Crystal Saloon, Taylor explains how the unique venue works to support music in its community. She also shares her plans for the Rasmuson Grant for music composition she received last year: recording her first full-length album of original songs inspired by Southeast Alaska.

Annie Bartholomew

Annie introduces us to her debut album, Sisters of White Chapel, a collection of songs based on the narratives of women who came north during the Klondike Gold Rush, which morphed into a play of the same name. She and Yngvil discuss using history as an inspiration and a source for work that touches on modern issues.

Marian Call

Marian and Yngvil examine what is unique about Alaska’s music scene and about the need for better data curation surrounding the Alaskan music scene—which led to the creation of the Alaska Playlist Project as a way for artists to take back control of the music sector and get their music out to more people.

Witty Youngman

Anchorage based singer-songwriter Witty Youngman and Lisa Hawkins discuss how music creation and performance build community and connection and how Witty embraces the digital world in order to be in business as a professional musician.

Qacung Blanchett of Pamyua

Qacung Blanchett of the Inuit-soul music group Pamyua chats with us about what it means to be a “civic musician” — an artist fueled by passion for culture and community, and making a difference. Qacung reveals the serendipitous origins of Áak’w Rock Indigenous Music Festival, and talks about making a living as a full time artist in Alaska.

Trinity Colvin & BBAAD Productions

In the first podcast of our season, we met artist Trinity Colvin and event coordinator Andrea Antoine (BBAAD Productions), Alaskans with a passion for music and community. From music opportunities to the need for more diversity within music venues in the state, Yngvil, Trinity and Andrea discussed some interesting things!



Season Two of Amplify Alaska was a transitional phase for us. No longer forced to be apart, we were able to host live shows! We also started a podcast in order to promote these live shows.

Pipeline Vocal Project fundraising for United for Ukraine

Pipeline Vocal Project (PVP) is Alaska’s first professional vocal trio comprised of a lead, bass and vocal percussion. This group puts a unique twist on well-known favorites from all eras, whether it’s crossing decades or genres. From viral videos to live performances, PVP brings joy to their audience. 

Amplify Alaska chatted with PVP’s Alto/Bass, Molly Dieni, and Alto/Vocal Percussionist, Lisa Hawkins, to promote their fundraiser show for United for Ukraine.

Watch the livestream of the event!

This upbeat vocal trio had us dancing in our seats and singing along to all the classics, all while raising money to send to help out Ukrainian refugees!

Amplify Alaska Goes to Spenard Jazz Fest

Spenard Jazz Fest is a multidisciplinary arts festival that celebrates music across all genres, with one emphasis on jazz, and another on Alaska. Spenard Jazz Fest 2022 – the 15th year of the festival – featured emerging local music stars, incredible outside artists, and many established Anchorage/Alaska greats.

Amplify Alaska sat down with some of the 2022 festival magic makers: Derek Haukaas, Cameron Cartland, and Yngvil Vatn Guttu to promote the Spendard Jazz Fest “state of mind.”



Our first season aimed to provide a platform for artists to connect with their audiences during COVID. We brought artists and a nonprofit of their choice together in a livestreamed concert/conversation series that served not only as a meeting place for community members during an isolating time but also as fundraisers to give back to that very community.

Check out these recordings of some of our Season One series!

Phillip Blanchett of Pamyua Speaks with Ruth Miller of Native Movement

Phillip Blanchett brought some killer vibes on Friday when he and Ruth Miller talked about Native Movement and the importance of caring for your community and the land we stand on.

The Forest that Never Sleeps in conversation with Covenant House AK

In our largest fundraising episode to date, Kat Moore sits down and talks to Covenant House AK about what they’re doing and how important their work is for the community, and we are proud to announce that we raised $32,500 in under two hours!

Emma Hill Speaks with NAMI

Introduced by series host Bradford James Jackson, singer songwriter Emma Hill performs her beloved music and holds an important conversation with Jason Lessard, Executive Director of NAMI (National Alliance on for Mental Illness) about the importance of mental health.

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